Employee Access and Self-service Features

Available 24/7 and accessible to employees at work or at home, Snap Schedule 365 self-service features cut scheduling time by making employees more pro-active in the process.

Anywhere, anytime access

From home to business, from desktop to mobile devices, your employees can have 24/7 access to schedule data. You control who will be allowed access and which features will be enabled for your operations.

View time card information

Employees can view their planned and actual work hours for the current, previous, or next payroll cycle. On-call, overtime, paid and unpaid time-off hours are also presented.

View work schedule

The monthly calendar planner lets employees view at a glance, their own shift assignments, time-off, shift trades, as well as co-workers’ work schedules. From this planner, employees can filter what they want to see, request time off, bid on open shifts, and trade or pick up shifts from co-workers.

Request time off

Employees can make time off/vacation requests, and schedulers can track, manage, approve, or deny those requests. Employees can see the approval status and are automatically alerted when their request is approved or rejected via an in-app notification on devices that support it (e.g. iOS and Android).

Self-scheduling with open shifts

Empower your employees by letting them self-schedule with open shifts. Schedulers can simply create an open shift for a position and specify the number of employees needed and the required skills. Qualified employees can view open shifts and bid for the shift they like. Schedulers then can approve or reject the bid and the employee will be alerted of the approval status via email, in-app notification, or both.

Shift trade/pick up

You can set up Snap Schedule 365 to allow shift trading between employees with or without a scheduler’s approval. Employees can post their assigned shifts to trade with coworkers who are eligible to work the shifts. An employee posting the shift can select people from the list of qualified co-workers to invite bids. Invited co-workers can submit bids to just pick up the shift or to swap it with one of their assigned shifts.  The posting employee can accept a bid but if scheduler approval is required, the trade will not be final until a scheduler approves it. Once finalized, Snap Schedule 365 instantly alerts the affected employees and automatically updates their schedules.

Punch in/out

Employees can punch in and out of their assigned shifts, and you can set the time window for when they are allowed to punch in or out. Schedulers can see the punch data in real-time in the Punch view or run reports to see the variances between planned vs. actual work hours and costs for any date range.

Update availability and contact information

Save time and stay up-to-date by allowing employees to update their own contact information and availability. Employees can enter their availability information for each day of the week, and in multiple time segments as needed. Snap Schedule 365 uses this information to help schedulers select available employees to fill shifts, find substitute employees, and report schedule conflicts.

View assigned tasks and breaks

See tasks to be performed within a shift and when to take breaks.

Look up coworkers

Employees can look up coworker’s contact information to call, text, or email. Schedulers decide whom to include or exclude from the directory.

How It Works

See how Snap Schedule 365 self-service features cut scheduling time and empower employees to be more proactive in the scheduling process

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