Online workforce scheduling, shift trading, overtime and call out management

Transform old, manual ways of employee scheduling into modern online workforce scheduling to boost productivity, comply with union/labor rules, and empower employees with more control over their schedules via self-service.

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Fast, Powerful, Easy to Use

Snap Schedule 365 brings to the cloud the legendary ease of use and powerful workforce scheduling features you have come to expect in our most popular Snap Schedule software products. It helps control costs and delivers the tools to schedule the right employee, in the right place, at the right time.

Anytime, Anywhere

From home to business, from desktop to mobile device, you and your employees have 24/7 access to schedule data. Role-based access features put you in complete control. Allow employees to access their schedules, request time off, bid on open shifts, trade and pick up shifts, punch in and out, update availability, and more.

More for Your Money

No upfront costs. Pay as you go with the flexibility to add employees, schedulers and managers as needed. It fits your budgets, your needs, and your business plan. You get enterprise-grade scheduling tools with automatic updates and technical support included in your subscription.

Snap Schedule 365 works 24/7, across all devices

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Laptops / Desktops / 2-in-1s

iOS and Android apps are available

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